Critical evaluation and discussion of the motives and issues of CSR and its impact and connection with strategic change.

This essay will critically discuss and analyse the significance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in business management, its motives and issues as well as CSR connection with strategic change. The link between CSR and sustainability plan in business has a particular role in management operations. Each of the below discussed theoretical standpoints make an important [...]


The Big Knit campaign.

This essay describes the most well-known charity organisation Age UK with the soft drinks company “The Innocent” which launched “A Big Knit” campaign in 2013. The “Big Knit” is a joint campaign between Age UK and innocent drinks to help vulnerable older people. The essay will follow the Kotler and Lee Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) [...]

Perspectives on Business and Management

Nowadays, big supermarkets control almost all food retailing market in the UK. The majority of people find it much easier to buy all things they need in one place and, as a result, they buy all food in local supermarkets. However, it is noticed that because the largest UK’s food retailers have taken almost all [...]