Рецензия на Лондонскую постановку “Собачье сердце” Виктора Собчака

3 сентября 2017, Лондон -  В Лондонском театре "The Lion and Unicorn" состоялась премьера широко известной повести Михаила Булгакова "Собачье сердце" от англо-русского театра ART-VIC, под руководством Виктора Собчака.  Несмотря на то, что произведение писалось в 20-е годы ХХ века — его глубокий смысл и актуальность — вне времени. Многие фразы стали афоризмами. Чего стоит только одна фраза «Разруха не в клозетах, а в головах».



Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the presidential election has upended the political and policy landscape for immigration. It will still fall to Congress to make substantial hanges to the immigration system, but the Trump administration will have authority to reshape the lives of hundreds of thousands of unlawful immigrants and influence the ability of US [...]

Consumer Behaviour: The Issue of Illegal downloading

The central theme of this literature review is to critically analyse consumer behaviour theory and clearly justify the reason for dubious, criminal, deceptive or fraudulent behaviour of individuals aged under 30. The literature review also centers on critical thinking using industry examples and provides other supporting evidence based on different authors viewpoints. In this paper, [...]

Coca-Cola: Coming Together campaign

  This essay will describe and analyse the Coca-Cola Coming Together campaign launched in 2013. The different  approaches between the UK and the USA are also discussed with the help of Chaffey’s 6 steps campaign plan version: Goal setting and tracking for interactive marketing communications Campaign Insight Segmentation and Targeting Offer, message development and creative [...]

Operations Management: Lean management. A wedding party at the Green Hotel.

1.0 IntroductionThe report provides a literature review with a thorough research about the philosophy of the lean management and its common concepts by providing a number of well-known companies’ examples. It also discusses and analyses how the Green Hotel organization implements the concepts within a lean management system in practice by organising a wedding occasion. [...]

Stakeholders and Land Rover

Land Rover found that stakeholders could influence them to adopt a two-way symmetrical approach after Greenpeace invaded its manufacturing plant. Land Rover had already introduced a sustainable development policy with product improvements but these had not been communicated to its publics. Land Rover was further motivated to improve and communicate its sustainability by the increasing [...]

Key factors determining the success of a strategic alliance with special reference to the global travel industry

 The purpose of this essay is to discuss and critically analyse the key aspects which define the success of a strategic alliance by providing the most famous examples from the global travel-tourism industry such as Star Alliance, British Airways and Aeroflot Airlines, Qantas and Emirates global alliance and a well-known OneWorld alliance.A strategic alliance is [...]