Рецензия на Лондонскую постановку “Собачье сердце” Виктора Собчака

Рецензия на постановку Собачье Сердце в Лондоне. Театр Виктора Собчака. 3 Сентрября 2017.



Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the presidential election has upended the political and policy landscape for immigration. It will still fall to Congress to make substantial hanges to the immigration system, but the Trump administration will have authority to reshape the lives of hundreds of thousands of unlawful immigrants and influence the ability of US [...]

Consumer Behaviour: The Issue of Illegal downloading

The central theme of this literature review is to critically analyse consumer behaviour theory and clearly justify the reason for dubious, criminal, deceptive or fraudulent behaviour of individuals aged under 30. The literature review also centers on critical thinking using industry examples and provides other supporting evidence based on different authors viewpoints. In this paper, [...]

Coca-Cola: Coming Together campaign

  This essay will describe and analyse the Coca-Cola Coming Together campaign launched in 2013. The different  approaches between the UK and the USA are also discussed with the help of Chaffey’s 6 steps campaign plan version: Goal setting and tracking for interactive marketing communications Campaign Insight Segmentation and Targeting Offer, message development and creative [...]