“The fact is that we have no way of knowing if the person who we think we are is at the core of our being. Are you a decent girl with the potential to someday become an evil monster, or are you an evil monster that thinks it’s a decent girl?”
“Wouldn’t I know which one I was?”
“Good God, no. The lies we tell other people are nothing to the lies we tell ourselves.” -Derek Landy, Death Bringer. 
Everything I’m writing is 1000% based on my own mistakes… many of which I still make and are clearly present in my old posts. I am happy to admit that my blogging used to suck, that sometimes it still sucks, but I’m constantly working to make it suck less.
As a blogger, you probably know that 99% of your time is spent doubting yourself. You hit Publish and then the sweating game begins. “It’s been 30 seconds. Why has no one praised my genius?” followed by a sad wait period in which a stranger’s thumbs up can validate your entire existence. I get it. I’ve been there. I’m constantly there. Besides this subtext that you should go like my stuff, I’m also saying that self-doubt is a normal part of being a blogger.
So, welcome to my blog and if you are reading it, this only means you have an interest in my personality or my publications. Whatever is your reason, I hope you found what you needed. 
Thank you. Gracias. Merci. Grazie. Aciu. Cпасибо.
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