Why the EU is loosing its popularity amongst europeans?

December, 10th, 2016 – Korrespondent.net- Massive problems of the European Union

Today, half of Europe population does not support the EU politics- this has been revealed  by a survey which showed that the popularity of such a union is decreasing.


The American company Pew Research Center has done a deep research amongst 10000 people from dozens of EU countries.According to their statistics, 51% of British population has a positive view on the EU role, 38% of population of France, 47% in Spain and 29% in Greece. Mostly, the EU countries are not excited about the Brussel’s politics.

So, why does it happen? First of all, there is a European Immigration crisis that led to a potential risk of Europe breakdown. For instance, many British people were ready to vote for leaving the EU due to the highest level of refugees. In the Eastern Europe people were not satisfied with the plan of how the refugees and immigrants were distributed across various countries and, in turn, these countries has begun to compete between each other regarding the living facilities for them. It is possible to note, that every nation is guided by its national interests in particular questions in despite of any European parliament requests.

Secondly, there is a high level of terroristic threats and the destabilisation of public safety. The amount of incoming terrorists under the guise of refugees into Europe territory is getting higher and higher every day. There are loads of visual examples: the act of terrorism at CharlieHedbo office or the most recent attack of terrorists in Paris where approximately 150 people died and even street haos during the Christmas holidays in German cities such as Hamburh, Berlin, Koln and Frankfurt an Main. Refugees steal, rape and kill women, attack children and old people. Luckily, citizens of Yahotin, the city in Ukraine, do realise the seriousness of such consequences and did not let the refugees to move to their country.

Thirdly, it is the blurring of the Islamic European culture. Attacts that occured in Europe clearly show that Muslims cannot be integrated, they have their own culture which is albosulety alien to europeans. The beliefs that they impose to others should not be accepted or approved, otherwise everything will be exactly the same as in Koln.

Ukrainians should think about their own national interests but not about the oligarchic society. The politics should go from an independent country without looking at the EU requirements.


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The Times named Donald Trump the person of the year

7th December,2016,News.Mail.Ru – The recently selected U.S. president Donald Trump has been announced as the person of the year, according to the Time’s magazine.

The cover page depicts Mr Trump with the title “The president of the devided states of America”. This decision was made on NBC channel.


Mr Trump said that it is indeed  great honour for him.

The short-list of finalists also included Hillary Clinton, the presisent of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the famous singer Beyonce, hackers and scientists who made a huge impact on the study of genome editing CRISPR system.

According to Time’s, the billionaire Trump has always been critisized for having a vulgar lifestyle and the lack of taste, but still was recognised as a famous public body who actually did not fully justified and kept his words. However, critics did not understand that their arrogant attitude towards Trump made him even stonger.

“He always used the chance to get into the first pages and speak with public directly.”

Today  Trump has managed to beat the most unpleasant political parties in the U.S. and change the political direction for the whole country. Shortly, he will have a full control over the most powerful weapon and economic tool, what let to change lives for billions of people.

Recently,the Time’s magazine has published the results of how readers voted for their favourite “Person of the Year”. The final result shows that it is the prime-minister of India Narendra  Modi, who gaine 19% votes of respondents.