Tim Cook announces the end of PC era

Tim Cook announces the end of PC era

10th November 2015 – The chief executive officer of Apple Inc. Tim Cook states that there is no need in PCs anymore. He expressed his opinion for The Telegraph newspaper.

“If you look at the PC now, the question raises itself:  why do you still need it? No really, why would you buy it?” – asks Tim Cook.

He thinks that the new iPad Pro can completely replace laptop and PC by its technical specifications and power. The CEO of Apple believes that when people will start using it, they will conclude that they practically do not need anything else other than their mobile phones.

Nowadays smartphones are reaching the size of iPads and Cook says: “I think if you have a larger smartphone, you might not need an iPad mini”. It has also been mentioned that the company is planning “to create an app or something else” that will provide a general safety for humans.

New 12,9 inch iPad Pro will be available for sale online this Wednesday( 11th November 2015) and in a couple of Apple stores this week.


This press release was adapted from mail.ru website and translated into English language.
The original article can be found here
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