Unilever Lynx Presentation


Presentation Lynx Unilever

Our research revealed that Lynx has established themselves as a brand that is sex orientated and is about making men more appealing and confident to the opposite sex (Bhasin, 2011). It is a brand that prides themselves on helping men to become more confident in the dating game and is primarily target at 18 – 24 year old men (Springer, 2009).

Lynx highly focuses their marketing campaigns at 18 – 24 year old males and their confidence towards sex and this has become very clear through their marketing campaigns as well as the use of celebrities that use (Jessica Jane Clement and Kelly Brook), who are seen as sex symbols.

People aren’t appealed to the marketing anymore and although it was successful 10 – 15 years ago, it is struggling now as it is seen as immature advertising and is becoming more appealing to the younger audience. Lynx’s targeted consumers believe that their adverts lack creativity and have become a bit too predictable and has been heavily linked to the younger audiences, which is damaging the brand, as consumer’s automatically link deodorant with their younger siblings.

Lynx’s target market is 18 – 24 and has been since 1983, when the brand was formed (Unilever global company website, 2015). This is difficult for Lynx because they have to continuously be updating their communications every 5 years to appeal to the target audience. The current 18 – 24 year olds are known as Generation Y, and so it was important for us to find out more about generation Y and the behaviour attitudes towards marketing communications.


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