Stakeholders and Land Rover

Land Rover found that stakeholders could influence them to adopt a two-way symmetrical approach after Greenpeace invaded its manufacturing plant. Land Rover had already introduced a sustainable development policy with product improvements but these had not been communicated to its publics. Land Rover was further motivated to improve and communicate its sustainability by the increasing [...]


The main elements of strategic leadership and a major change programme

According to Lynch (2012), strategic leadership is the ability to shape the organisation’s decisions and deliver high value over time, not only personally but also by inspiring and managing other in the organisation. To develop and maintain strategic leadership, four elements need to be integrated together: the commitment to the company’s purpose; the makeup of [...]

Key factors determining the success of a strategic alliance with special reference to the global travel industry

 The purpose of this essay is to discuss and critically analyse the key aspects which define the success of a strategic alliance by providing the most famous examples from the global travel-tourism industry such as Star Alliance, British Airways and Aeroflot Airlines, Qantas and Emirates global alliance and a well-known OneWorld alliance.A strategic alliance is [...]

Difference between marketing and market orientation. Market-led strategies and Competitive Advantage.

The purpose of this essay is to discuss and critically analyse the differences between marketing and market orientation in a business context and demonstrate in what ways market-led strategies can help business drive growth and support competitive advantage. To support all these theoretical statements and arguments, a number of well-known USA, European and Far Eastern [...]

What is a Crisis?

A crisis is an event, accusation or perception that seriously threatens the reputation- and, if not dealt with effectively- the viability of an organisation. There are essentially 2 main types of crisis. The first is what might be called a real crisis. Someone has been hurt or even killed. A product has failed in a [...]

Celebrity PR

Celebrity PR has acquired a high profile and has become a popular starting point for those thinking about PR career. Celebrities now play a central role  in contemporary culture and a large and seemingly growing proportion of media content is devoted to their activities. The lion's share of this is supplied by the PR industry. [...]

Perspectives on Business and Management

Nowadays, big supermarkets control almost all food retailing market in the UK. The majority of people find it much easier to buy all things they need in one place and, as a result, they buy all food in local supermarkets. However, it is noticed that because the largest UK’s food retailers have taken almost all [...]

Organisational Behaviour. Management.

 ‘Management is a process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups to efficiently accomplish selected aims.’ (Weihrich and Koontz, 1993) Nowadays, manager is one of the most popular and required professions all over the world. However, this profession is not as simple as it seems to be, because it [...]