The contemporary challenges of managing a Multi-National Corporation (MNC)

The purpose of this essay is to analyse the contemporary challenges facing the management of a Multi-National Corporation. A multinational corporation (MNC) is a company engaged in producing and selling goods or services in more than one country. (Shapiro, A; 2010) Besides that, multinational corporation can be defined as a company or group that derives [...]


Blogs and Blogging. Many organisations suffer from criticism in online blogs and how they manage it.

BLOGS AND BLOGGING Some of the biggest threats to organisations arise from blogs. These are in effect online diaries or articles. The vast majority-and there are now an estimated 126 million blogs according to BlogPulse-and little more than gossip and chat amongst friends or like-minded people and pose no threat, other than extreme boredom, to [...]

The New 2014 Campaign for Toyota Company. Assignment-Report.

1.0   Introduction The purpose of this report is to demonstrate and critically analyse how my company “PR 4 U” has applied an innovative approach to a world’s well known Toyota Company, particularly Supra 2014 sport model, by launching new plastic products glowing in the dark.The campaign’s overall objective is to provide a full safety for [...]

How to get a Job in PR

PR is a very popular career choice, and for the reason. It offers attractive and varied career options, and exciting opportunities for career development. These are highly appealing the world over, so you will not be the only person looking for work experience or applying for a PR job. PR is an open industry which [...]

Good and Bad PR examples

GOOD Public Relations examples‘Not so sweet’ Dubai marriage proposal fail – a failed marriage proposal – in which the proposee smacks the proposer around the head with a ukulele has thankfully been revealed as a fake to promote Cadbury’s new ‘not so sweet’ campaign. characters projected onto White Cliffs of Dover in visual stunt – Q. [...]